Bore Decommissioning in Victoria

Bore Decommissioning in Victoria has been a major part of Drilltec’s innovations and growth in recent years. With the development of staff knowledge, qualifications and experience, and the necessary acquirement of relevant equipment; bore decommissioning in Victoria has never been more efficient.

Given the prevalent risks associated with decommissioning bores because of the use of explosives, Drilltec has ensured that staff and documentation are up to date with current industry standards. Safety analysis and prevention tactics are of use to ensure the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of the job. Bore decommissioning in Victoria ranges in complexity given the variety of bores across the state. It is Drilltec’s understanding of multiple techniques and foresight going into each bore the distinguishes it from any competition. Understanding the different techniques that would be applied given the circumstances substantially increases the speed by which any decommission is undertaken.

Equipment involved to undertake bore decommissioning in Victoria that drilltec has acquired is that of specialty logging, refurbishment and decommissioning trucks and machinery. Substantial safety measures have been initiated with regards to the mitigation of any risk through investing in equipment that has built-in functionality. To exemplify this, drilltec uses Titans control fire switches that, as per their description: Each ControlFire switch communicates with a surface Perforating Command and Control Panel (PCCP) allowing for real-time confirmation and skip-over capabilities. The switch also adds an extra level of safety by electrically isolating the detonator until the appropriate commands are received from the ControlFire software.

Drilltec has established the best means for which any decommission should be undertaken, ensuring to be prepared and understand the requirements upfront and ahead of time. Drilltec leads bore decommissioning in Victoria because of the outlined considerations and will continue to learn and develop our understanding as our knowledge develops. This adaptive and open outlook further establishes the capacity that we can improve; working with clients to achieve goals and objectives outlined.

Drilltec’s clients from bore decommissioning in Victoria have outlined the importance of communication as one of the most important attributes when undertaking any job, the ability to effectively define what is required and what has been undertaken in such a level of detail is unmatched.

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This post was written by Jim Alexander