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Bore Inspection and Logging

February 13, 2018 10:28 am Published by Comments Off on Bore Inspection and Logging

Drilltec pty ltd has specialty made equipment and machinery that enable a level of assessment that achieves an in-depth understanding of the overall bore structure. Our purpose built and fitted truck that undertakes bore inspection and logging, decommissioning and refurbishment are readily available and efficient to set up, perform works and pack up. Defining the existing […]

Bore Refurbishment

February 12, 2018 2:27 pm Published by Comments Off on Bore Refurbishment

As Drilltec has grown to meet the requirements of the Victorian public and commercial industries, bore refurbishment was established as significantly important in maintaining the states existing monitoring, water or geothermal bores. The process of bore refurbishment is complex and difficult for those who don’t have the equipment or knowledge regarding the bore structure and […]

Bore Decommissioning in Victoria

February 12, 2018 12:01 pm Published by Comments Off on Bore Decommissioning in Victoria

Bore Decommissioning in Victoria has been a major part of Drilltec’s innovations and growth in recent years. With the development of staff knowledge, qualifications and experience, and the necessary acquirement of relevant equipment; bore decommissioning in Victoria has never been more efficient. Given the prevalent risks associated with decommissioning bores because of the use of […]

What is the Drilltec Client Portal?

February 5, 2018 2:13 pm Published by Comments Off on What is the Drilltec Client Portal?

Drilltec has recognized the industries desire for real-time information gathering and transparency. The recognition has been addressed with the use of iPads and custom software; Drillers and offsiders are now able to undertake their regular documentation of progress and update that information to the cloud. Items of paperwork that have been converted are that of vehicle pre-starts […]