Bore Refurbishment

As Drilltec has grown to meet the requirements of the Victorian public and commercial industries, bore refurbishment was established as significantly important in maintaining the states existing monitoring, water or geothermal bores. The process of bore refurbishment is complex and difficult for those who don’t have the equipment or knowledge regarding the bore structure and techniques involved to preserve it for any desired outcome. Every refurbishment is unique, the differences range from depth to structural integrity of the bore or existing casing.

Bore refurbishment as a process is heavily reliant on the education of the refurbishment team and their ability to dynamically understand the condition of the existing bore by either analyzing the existing bore report or to conduct a bore log with specialist equipment to extract more information.

Drilltec is one of, if not the only drilling company in Victoria that has a purpose-built vehicle to undertake logging, decommissioning and refurbishment as needed. Such a vehicle has proven to be massively effective and reduce time to site, set up, perform work and site clearance. Fitted with equipment to perform all its tasks proves itself efficient time and time again.

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This post was written by Jim Alexander