Bore Inspection and Logging

Drilltec pty ltd has specialty made equipment and machinery that enable a level of assessment that achieves an in-depth understanding of the overall bore structure. Our purpose built and fitted truck that undertakes bore inspection and logging, decommissioning and refurbishment are readily available and efficient to set up, perform works and pack up. Defining the existing structure of a bore is beneficial in developing a plan for refurbishment or decommissioning. Obtaining such a visual representation of weak points, casing connections or ground radiation, for example, enables crews to increase the speed of job completion and therefore efficiency; all whilst reducing any potential risks substantially.

Bore inspection and logging is often a fast process due to the outlined equipment. Drilltec aims to achieve accurate and relevant information gathering for the specified outcome or future requirements, with regards to decommissioning or refurbishment. Logging teams record all information relevant to any specific movements in and around the job. Data and information gathering is becoming one of Drilltec’s big strengths with information systems clearly representing data to out major clients in an easy to understand and secure format, this system is called the Drilltec Client Portal

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This post was written by Jim Alexander